I am the New Creative Director for Apple



For this assignment, we had to analysis an existing advertisement and then recreate an ad that would be in the series. Then we needed to make a slide presentation showing our analysis of the new and original slide.

Apple Co.

I chose to do an Apple advertisement. The advertisement that I chose was one that showed the quality of the camera in the iPhone 6. These advertisements have shown up on billboards and on social media and so it interested me.

Slide Design

For my slide design, I tried to match the color and design of the original ad. As you can see, I used the same color and typography as the original ad. It had a modern and minimalist feel to it and so I tried to incorporate it into my slide presentation.


slide design.jpgslide design2.jpgslide design3.jpgslide design4.jpgslide design5.jpgslide design6.jpgslide design7.jpgslide design8.jpgslide design9.jpgslide design10.jpgslide design11.jpgslide design12.jpgslide design13.jpgslide design14.jpgslide design15.jpg

Target Analysis

My target audience was men and women around the ages 20 to around 40 years old. This demographic is usually interested in technology and they would be impressed with the type of camera that they iPhone 6 has. To target this audience, I used colors and text that were a clean and modern feel to grab the audience.


For my new ad, I used a photo taken by Jim Basio. I felt like the photography skills were excellent and matched the original ad that I have chosen.


Photographer: Jim Basio

Link: https://unsplash.com/new?photo=PB75szkhqq0


This project was based off of Apple’s iPhone 6 advertisement. I tried to match elements of its design with my slide presentation. I used elements of design to create the new ad and the slide presentation as well. This presentation has a modern and clean feel which will hopefully target the intended audience.




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