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Creative Ad Project

For this Creative Ad Final, I was asked by my employer to create a creative advertisement for  scissors. I was asked to use symbolic or non-literal ideas and concepts. I was supposed to choose a brand for this product and make sure in my advertisement it has 2+ images blended together, logo included, and written content.

Target Audience

My target audience for my scissor product is males around the ages 25-34 years old. They are in a relationship and are educated with a masters or doctorates. They make an average of $60,000 to $89,000 a year.

I based my design off of my target audience. I chose the color scheme of orange, gray and black to match the masculine feel. Also scissors aren’t usually a 25 to 34 year olds best friend but when you add a rock and on top of that a rock that is smashed… it starts to attract my targeted audience. Also if you look at the fonts, I chose fonts that would attract to men at my targeted age.

Design Analysis

This design was designed to be simple but effective. I used alignment, repetition, and contrast in this design. The alignment is shown with the text and the scissors. Repetition is shown in the color scheme. Lastly, contrast is also shown in colors, fonts, and in the photographs. I used the concept of rock-paper-scissors as my creative idea. The idea that I was hoping to display is that scissors are always the right choice.


I combined four different images together for the completed advertisement.


Photography by: Deniz Altinadas



Photography by: Unknown



Photography by: Unknown



Photography by: Unknown



For this advertisement, I used two different fonts. One script and one san serif. They both contrast each other quite well. The thick and bold Edo font is a good contrast for the thin Aargh font.


Color was a major element in this advertisement. The repeating element is shown in the orange scissors and with the logo. There was also gray and black in the rock and so I used black and gray font color to use repetition. The orange, gray, and black are very  masculine colors which helps me target my audience.


With this advertisement, I used simple and effective design principles to finalize this project. Using 4 photos, I was able to combine them to create an effective design. Using the idea of rock-paper-scissors, I was able to create a concept from it. My target audience was males around the ages 25 to 34 and so my design was based of things and ideas that would interest them.


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