Desk Materials Icon Set

icon set_final 4-01


For this project, we designed a set of icons for a specific audience. They needed to designed with consistent elements in all of them. These icons are intended to send a message to the audience. I choose to do an icon set of desk materials because I felt like it would relate to a large amount of people in my intended audience.


My target audience for this specific icon set is for college students involved with technology, which is it a lot of college students. I choose cool toned colors that gave off a sophisticated feel which would appeal to most college students.


This icon set was created in a flat design because it is one of the trends that is popular among graphic designers right now. I thought it would appeal to a good majority of college students. I choose the colors oranges, blue, green, and gray which are nice business colors.

icon set_final 2-02icon set_final 2-03icon set_final 2-04icon set_final 2-05


This icon set is designed for college students that are involved with technology. The cool color scheme for this icon set sets a sophisticated feel. The flat design is a common trend in the graphic design world and so this icon set is very up to date with the trends.


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