Tangled in the Web

Final Magazine Layout Design

Magazine Layout FINAL.jpg

Magazine Layout FINAL2.jpg


This magazine layout was designed for a magazine for LDS.org. The design was laid out to give a technology feel. The edgy shapes and strong fonts match the idea of technology. This layout is meant for a younger generation which plays a part in the photography, colors and fonts. The message of this layout and article is to show that not all technology is bad but we need to be careful of how we can get “caught” in the web.


For this project, we had to create a magazine layout for an article from either lds.org or byuiscroll.org, We needed to find an article with 600+ words. The layout is supposed to have subtitles, a pull quote, 2 photos taken by me, and a text wrap.


IMG_4211 2.JPG

IMG_4223 2.JPG

For this magazine layout, I used my own photography for this design. I used my roommates as my model’s hands. I had cropped the pictures to match the design. I also matched some of the colors from the picture onto my design.

Target Audience

My target audience for this magazine layout is a religious group around the ages 16 to about 30. This layout is trying to appeal to the younger generation by the pictures, colors and text.

Design Analysis

In my design and layout, I used the design principles contrast, alignment, proximity, repetition. The color contrast between the blue and the orange is helps the design’s composition look complete. The color blue and orange are also young and bright colors that will hopefully appeal to the younger generation which is my target audience. Alignment is shown in this design by the alignment of the text all over the article layout. Proximity is used with the subtitles and the paragraphs. There is a good proximity in between these two things and so the audience is automatically able to realize that they are related. Repetition is shown by the colors that are repeated and also there is repetition in the sharp shapes throughout the design.


This layout and message is designed to warn the younger generation about the web but also use certain design principles to appeal to them to get them to read the article. The design was designed with a “technology” feel and so using edgy shapes, contrasting colors, and strong fonts helped create this feel.


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